Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Memories

Football season is fastly approaching for my little athlete. This past Saturday was signups for LaRue County Youth Football league, so you know we were there signing Tristin right up. He's not big enough to play tackle, so he'll play flag for 2 more years then it will be big boy ball!

Bruce went to Louisville Saturday to help out a friend who's basement had flooded during the recent rain. He had over 5 feet of water in his finished basement which housed alot of his U of L memoribilia. I guess he'll just have to start over with UK collectables. I could even donate items to help him get started :) No, really, Bruce helped out almost all day and they got alot accomplished.

So me and the kids had all day.. what to do... we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, signed Tristin up for football, then off to E-town to buy even more school supplies! The lists for school supplies from teachers keep coming and get more specific... It's really not that fun running all over E-town with a teenager and a 6 year old. They absolutely wear me out! Finally, back home... and 90 degrees outside... into the pool we go! Bruce comes home and for dinner I grill salmon and bake a pineapple upside down cake, both of which were absolutely wonderful! What a great evening!

Sunday, after Church, proved to be another great pool day! We even had our neice, her boyfriend, our two nephews, a girlfriend, and Bruce's sister and her husband even came by for a while. It's hard getting used to a housefull of teenagers, but it has proved to be alot of fun!.. So needless to say, no housework was done all weekend but memories were made for a lifetime!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday Night

It's Friday night and Bruce is fishing in a tournament at Nolin so I thought "what the heck" might as well try to do this blog thing.... so here goes..

The first day of school has came and went, thank goodnes! No more butterflies for me or the kids.. Kristin began her Freshman year at LaRue County High School, the same school I graduated from 14 years ago. But my have things changed... but I haven't aged, right :) Tristin returned to ALES as a 1st grader. He is so big and such a boy.. He wouldn't even let me kiss or hug him bye in front of the other kids...sniff....They grow up so fast...and too soon....But at least I am blessed to be able to take them to school most days and make sure they know I love them and I always tell them to have a great day at school!!

I did have to work today even though it is Friday (my day off) But that's okay.... only because BBEC has hired another great doc to work with us.... Dr Vanessa Prange-Ewing.... She is so awesome! She was our Resident a year ago and we absolutely loved her then..so we were so excited to learn she would be joining our practice! So to welcome her back today, we decorated our breakroom with streamers and a banner and bought her favorite cookies from Heavenly Ham! This does mean I will be giving up my Fridays off, darn it.. but eventually I'll be getting Mondays off instead... whatever...

This afternoon it was a little hot out, so Tristin decided he would try out his water balloons... on his sister! So we all know how this turned out!!! Eventually they both ended up in the pool with all their clothes on! They were already wet, so it really didn't matter. They had tons of fun! That's what summer is all about. Making memories

Prayer Requests:
Please be praying for my Aunt Essie. She will be having surgery on Monday to have a Pacemaker. Her heart has been beating too slow, so they are hoping this will help. Please keep her in your prayers.